Serving clients from Southern California and Baja/Mexico since 2009

 I have been an Advisory Council member and volunteer with Wheelchair Dancers Organization.

 My story…

I sustained an injury that caused me to lose the use of both of my arms, and I was unable to move my head in any direction.  I was in constant pain.  I would prop pillows all around me so I could sleep and wore pads on my elbows to protect them from even the slightest touch. I couldn't even get a hug when I needed one the most.

I did all that medicine had to offer other than surgery.  I was told that removing a few ribs and cutting some muscles were my only remaining options.  My diagnosis was that I would be permanently disabled due to having Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  I continued to get more and more immobile.

A year later I was introduced to the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and the Feldenkrais Method. After my first private session, I was able to turn my head to the left and right without pain.  I continued doing movement lessons daily, taking weekly group classes, and getting private sessions with a practitioner. I was on a mission to heal myself!

After only two months of doing the movement lessons, my life was so transformed that I decided to become a practitioner. The gift that I was given was something I felt compelled to give back to as many people as possible. I enrolled in the Anat Baniel Method® Training program.  Derived from the groundbreaking method developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the Anat Baniel Method® / NeuroMovement® approach is based on cutting-edge scientific theory and on the understanding of how our brain learns and transforms our body.

I completed my training in 2009.

Today I move easier than I have in my entire life. Although I believe we are always a work in progress, doing movement lessons has given me my life back!

Margie Murnan

NeuroMovement® Practitioner

Anat Baniel Method® Practitioner for Children and Adults

Margie with Beverly Weurding Founder and CEO/President of  Wheel chair Dancers Organization

Margie Murnan

Owner of Lessons In Motion

Anat Baniel Method® Practitioner

Anat Baniel Method® for Children Practitioner

NeuroMovement® Practitioner


Lessons In Motion

"Movement is life.
Without movement, life is unthinkable."
- Moshe Feldenkrais

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My Philosophy

I believe that every aspect of a person; body, mind, and spirit can benefit from NeuroMovement®.

My mission as a Certified NeuroMovement® Practitioner is to address every Adult or Child according to their specific needs.  Each session is customized to meet those needs by looking at an individual's unique neuromuscular patterns and facilitating both learning and new easier ways of moving their body.

I specialize in difficult cases that have not received relief or benefit from other approaches. 

For the Parents of a Special Needs Child, I offer understanding, support, and new ways of seeing and connecting with their child.

I have an incredible passion for helping people who have pain. Having recovered from a painful disability myself, I have an intimate knowledge of the emotions, stress, and fears people experience, which gives me a unique perspective.