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The Anat Baniel Method® is considered a learning approach or NeuroMovement® education, not medical treatment.  If you are seeking medical advice, consult with your physician.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement®

Will the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® work for repetitive stress injury?

Yes. The program works extremely well for injuries due to repetitive motion. The foundation of the Method is teaching your body and mind to perform movements in a harmonious, efficient manner. Once the quality of movement is improved that way, the pain and inflammation disappear.

If it is possible for you to refrain from doing the movements that are causing pain for the first 3 weeks, please do. But if you are unable to, take frequent breaks, visualizing some of the movements you learned, or even performing these movements in short sequences while on the job can help you heal the injury and avoid future ones.

Who does the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® work best for?

Since the method addresses learning and effective movement, in effect the program can be useful for everyone. NeuroMovement® can help people overcome pain, reverse the symptoms of aging, re-discover vitality, improve performance and discover the ease of movement. Musicians improve their playing, golfers improve their swing, injured athletes go back to the activities they love.

How does the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® compare to Chiropractic?

Differences: Unlike Chiropractic, NeuroMovement® deals with the reorganization of the nervous system.  Chiropractic deals with nerve impingement. Faulty organization of the nervous system can continue to create nerve impingement. NeuroMovement® can help with nerve impingement and organize toward better function so the impingement is not recreated.

Similarities: Like Chiropractic the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® can help with nerve impingement.

How does the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® compare to Yoga?

Differences: Unlike Yoga, the Movement Lessons do not involve stretching or holding of positions. Therefore it does not stress muscles and joints and is very safe. The benefits are attained by constantly introducing new movement patterns instead of repeating and holding set poses. All the movements are done slowly and gently allowing for change and improvements to be realized instantaneously. The repertoire of new and improved movement skills grows very fast. One also learns the underlying principles as to how we learn best, the principles of harmonious movement, and the attitudes that bring us maximum health and vitality.

Similarities: Like Yoga, there is a spiritual component to the Method that enhances feelings of well being and the unity of mind and body. Through the Anat Baniel Method® people experience a renewed vitality and a sense of freedom and happiness that limitation and pain often suppresses.

How Does the Anat Baniel Method/NeuroMovement compare to Tai Chi or other martial arts?

Differences: Unlike most martial art disciplines, the Method does not require any practice or intensive training to receive its benefits. There are no repetitive or ritualized movements and no physical conditioning required in advance. Since the Anat Baniel Method works on the principle of introducing new movement patterns to the body and mind, It allows people of all levels of performance to improve and transform their movement skills, flexibility and strength very quickly without a struggle.

Similarities: Like most martial arts, the Method works on the concept of power generating from the center of the body. Like martial arts, using the Method increases mobility, flexibility, and strength. And finally, both promote a mind/body connection that results in feelings of renewed vitality and general well being.

How does the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® work with other sports and physical activities?

Since this method helps people learn how to move in harmony with the structure of the body and utilize the brain’s ability to learn and optimize, it is extremely beneficial in enhancing the performance of any exercise or sports activity. Golfers, weight lifters, runners, tennis players, aerobics, cyclists, all learn how to use their bodies in ways that reduce unnecessary efforts, decrease injuries, improve coordination, and transform performance.

I work out at a gym regularly. How does the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® work with weight training?

Using the Method with weight training gives you an opportunity to improve your flexibility and increase the safety of your workout. You will learn how to bring into play the stronger muscles in your body more so that you maximize your strength without losing flexibility. This more efficient movement also helps avoid injury.

Is the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® a fitness program?

Participation in the Movement Lessons greatly enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and well being. Anyone doing these lessons will find themselves moving easier.  Even though it is not necessary to participate in any additional activity to gain all these benefits, most people find that with their increased vitality and improved ability to move, they want to do a lot more. Many begin walking more, hiking, swimming, weight lifting, some pickup ballroom dancing, others join a Martial Arts class. Also, many people who play competitive sports like tennis or golf have found that using the Method has vastly improved their game.

I'm not active, will the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement® work for me?

Absolutely yes. The Anat Baniel Method® does not require any preexisting level of fitness. Many people are inactive because movement is painful and uncomfortable. When you use this Method you will learn how to move free of pain and with great ease. As a result, you most likely will want to do more and be more active, which will improve your well being.

Why has my doctor never heard of the Anat Baniel Method®/NeuroMovement®?

Some doctors have heard of the Anat Baniel Method® and of Dr. Feldenkrais. More and more doctors are becoming aware of it as more parents request this work for their children and as more practitioners are available to offer it.  I have had doctors and physical therapists contact me because they were impressed with the outcomes they have seen with my clients.