Serving clients from Southern California and Baja/Mexico since 2009

Margie Murnan

NeuroMovement Specialist

Anat Baniel Method Practitioner

for Children and Adults

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LIVE Online NeuroMovement Coaching  

Live online sessions are interactive and personal.
Enjoy 30 minutes of instruction with my expert eye on you to give you feedback instantly.
I will pay close attention to your movements, pace the session for you, answer questions, and demonstrate if necessary.
You’ll get the support and accountability you need to keep improving.
All you need is space to roll out your mat, a computer/laptop/iPad and a good internet connection. 

Individual sessions - $55 
4-Week series - $200 

       Payments are processed through PayPal Invoicing.  You do not need a PayPal account. 

       Initial Setup and Consultation:  We will schedule a 15-20 minute Zoom meeting to test out the sound, video, props,               and briefly go over your intake form. 

Why LIVE and Online?

      There are several advantages to using this service:  

  1. No traffic or commute!  Get customized lessons one-on-one in the privacy of your own home. 
  2. Technology has gotten way better than Skype.  Zoom Meeting is easy to download and with the help of a laptop or tablet I can see how you do everyday tasks.  Everything from how you bend over to brush your teeth to moving while vacuuming can be observed and made easier and more functional. I can teach you how to do those things without pain or strain. 
  3. I can take a look at your pillows, sleep position, furniture to see how they affect your structure or movement.
  4. Accountability. Having a coach will help you be consistent in your home practice to keep moving well. 
  5. Private one-on-one instruction. Don't like group classes?  Online coaching solves that problem too!   
  6. 30 minute sessions are more feasible for people's busy lives.   
  7. You live in a remote area and do not have a practitioner anywhere near you. 
  8. You'll get video recordings of our sessions to review.  

What To Expect From LIVE Online NeuroMovement Coaching

Relief from chronic pain 
More functional movement
Better balance
Wake up less "creaky"
Better posture
Smoother, easier movement in daily life
Ability to sit, stand, and take the stairs with ease
More flexibility and agility

The Anat Baniel Method is considered a learning approach or NeuroMovement education, not medical treatment. 

If you are seeking medical advice, consult with your physician.