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Serving clients from Southern California and Baja/Mexico since 2009

What Clients are Saying...

When a friend recommended Margie Murnan to me, I had been suffering with both rotator cuff and back and leg pain for over six months.  Margie resolved my shoulder issue within three sessions.  Because of dysfunctional walking habits I had developed to compensate for back and leg pain, it took several more sessions until I had a reduction in my pain level. 

As I continued private and class lessons, I learned simple, pain-free exercises for home. Margie's respectful, gentle approach calmed me and helped me be more aware of my skeletal movement. The sessions and home exercise have transformed my walking gait and corrected many harmful physical habits I had developed over seventy years.

I have recommended the Anat Baniel Method and Margie's Lessons in Motion to many friends.


Margie is an amazing healer - a wise and experienced practitioner of the unique Anat Baniel Method. I came to see Margie for back/shoulder pain and decreasing overall mobility. She was able to quickly diagnose multiple functional movement problems and prescribe simple yet incredibly effective fixes. Now I am regaining years of lost mobility and function - all without surgery or drugs! I highly recommend Margie for any chronic musculoskeletal pain that other practitioners have not been able to solve - she will deliver!


I've had issues with my back for most of my adult life, but starting about 20 years ago I would have a major back spasm issue about every 5 to 6 months.  The doctors would give me muscle relaxants to try to relax the spasms, which usually took 2 or 3 days and always left me feeling a little unsteady for a few more days afterwards. 

Over the next 15 years, the time between episodes gradually got shorter until about 5 years ago I was experiencing them every 1 or 2 months.  I started going to physical therapy at that time and found some improvement.  However, I reached a point where the progress stalled and it seemed liked I would just have to live with getting an episode every 3 to 4 months. 

At that point, a friend suggested that I try working with Margie doing the Anat Baniel Method.  I have been working with Margie twice a month for over 2 years now and she has had a lot of work re-training me away from all the bad habits I had developed.  During this time, I've gone from 3 months to around 6 months between episodes and my back spasms have not only gotten further apart, they are shorter in intensity and duration without the use of muscle relaxants.  I am currently over 8 months spasm free and I am feeling confident that, with the tools that Margie has given me, I am finally in control of my life. 

I now approach physical activities with the mind set of how to do them safely and joyfully instead of restricting what I do out of fear of the possible pain.

Ron Y.

Thanks to your work I remain free of the knee pains which were my constant companions.  I am so very grateful that I can do many more activities pain free. The awareness you have given me about how the body can stand, sit, move efficiently has literally been a God send.  All of the exercises you have taught me have been safe to do and extremely beneficial.  I value everything you have taught me, since you have given me the tools to help myself regain pain free movement.  Your enthusiasm for promoting wellness inspires me.  Thank you for being such a wonderful blessing.


After two months of pain and stiffness in my neck, (a recent flare-up stemming from a fall years ago), I happily found Margie.  My first session with her resulted in more improvement than with anyone else I had seen recently, including two chiropractors, and two Feldenkrais practitioners.

Margie is very intuitive and listens internally to what the client needs.  Her sessions are each different and address the immediate condition of the client’s body.  After several sessions, my core of pain is about 25% of what it originally was (deep pain lingering from the fall) and my range of movement in my neck is about 90% improved.  I am fully convinced that I can heal my neck completely with more sessions with Margie.  The best part is that she gives exercises to do at home so that the client is self-empowered and not locked into seeing her forever. I believe that Anat Baniel’s method is more effective than most anything else on chronic pain conditions, and Margie is an excellent practitioner who has healed her own body through this method.

Update:  After seeing you for those twelve sessions, my neck and shoulder feel completely healed.  It was a blessing for me to find you, and I hope many other hurting people do too!

Rita D.

As an ultrarunner, I’ve experienced pretty much every type of injury over the course of years of high mileage training and mountain running on technical trails.  I’ve tried virtually every type of therapy you can think of - deep tissue massage, acupuncture, traditional physical therapy, ART, visceral manipulation - and while most of these therapies have alleviated symptoms from injuries, they never seem to eradicate the cause.

Recently, I came down with a case of plantar fasciitis just four weeks out from a 24-hour race.  Instead of the traditional routes I had taken in the past to treat injuries, I went to a single half-hour session with Margie Murnan.  The pain was almost immediately gone...Margie was able to trace that the source of my pain was due to an imbalance in my pelvis, not in my feet.  Four weeks later, I ran over 101 miles in my 24 hour race, finishing in second place...pain free!  The work Margie does is so much more effective than other types of treatments I’ve tried because it addresses the CAUSE of the pain, not just the symptoms.  I’m a convert!


"Five years ago a small fender bender ruptured my carotid artery, resulting in a massive stroke and paralyzing my left side. I never regained the use of my left arm and have done every kind of therapy.  Margie has been helping me to wake up my left arm.  It’s so exciting to actually feel bursts of energy in my left arm!  I call them “twingles”.  I am learning new things about how my body is wired and unlearning habits that don’t serve me. Some of the most interesting and significant things that have changed since working with Margie are:

My left hand has softened and is no longer in a clenched position all day.I am moving in ways I have not been able to move in years.
I am also able to synchronize my movements better."

Miami J.

"I had been having problems with my right knee.  The doctors were prescribing pain medication for the severe pain which they diagnosed as being caused by arthritis.  In about 10 sessions the pain was gone and I haven’t had pain medication since.  Another problem I had was my shuffling walk. I had fallen twice recently over obstacles because of not lifting my feet.   I had 2 sessions for this particular problem.  After getting off the table following the first session we both had a laugh as my first steps unconsciously imitated the military goose step! I am now very much aware of the way I walk and now lift my feet and do not shuffle as previously."

Loretta S.  
Retired nurse, 85 yrs old

"Margie is a genuine, caring practitioner, who puts her heart into her work.  She applies her technique with exceptional understanding and skill."

 Cathy D.
Physical Therapist

"Thank you so much for my time with you!  I am very excited about my continued sessions.

For many years I’ve still had some lingering side effects from an injury that keep me in chronic pain, discomfort and have inhibited my range of motion. This limitation effects my quality of life sometimes and with two growing, active boys who I want to play with, this has been frustrating for me at times.

I was most impressed that with just our first session I noticed a HUGE difference in how my feet and legs moved.  I connected with the floor in a way that I cannot ever recall doing. What I really noticed was the comfort I felt with the movement of walking!

You also did some movements on my upper arms and shoulders. I could not repeat that series on my own yet– but it’s been three weeks since I’ve seen you and I still have NO PAIN in that area!

This is truly a blessing for me and I am looking forward to our next series of sessions together.

Thank you for your heart, time and commitment to learning this specialty. It will help many people in ways that cannot always be spoken to the depths of gratitude!"

Debbra Sweet

"Margie started working with me nearly a year ago. After going to a chiropractor for more than a year and a half with no apparent improvement I was interested in trying something that would address the actual problem rather than the symptoms only.

 I sit at a computer all day. I work in finance and accounting. After 30 years of working at a desk all day long I’ve developed ulnar nerve problems in my neck and shoulders. This is due to the constant tension and lack of movement.

 It’s amazing the number of bad habits that you make just sitting at a desk. Margie’s Lessons in Motion have helped tremendously. The pain in my neck has gone away.  (Except for those really intense days when I don’t take the time to move around like I should.) I move more freely. I have more energy. I do more now then I did a year ago.

 I noticed the changes at work because I’m more comfortable but the other person that has noticed the changes is my trainer. I ride horses and have been taking lessons for a year and a half. Steph started noticing changes shortly after I started seeing Margie. My shoulders loosened up as well as my pelvis which improved my balance. As I became aware of my own movements I could better feel and affect the movement of my horse. Steph tells me now when she can see I need a lesson from Margie.

It’s definitely made a world of difference for me."

 Jan Bell
Financial Analyst and Equestrian

About 15 years ago I broke my right knee cap. Over the years my arthritis has been getting more and more severe until I could no longer stand on that leg without great pain.  Yesterday we had a session and now my right leg is straight and strong and nearly pain free.  I walked around Sea Port Village today and it was the longest walk I have had in over six months.  Margie works magic.  Give her a try,  I am so grateful!

Edi Shifrin
Massage Therapist

I cannot believe what a difference there is in my movement and pain levels after only a few sessions working with Margie.  I did not realize that most, if not all, of my chronic pain was caused by how I move throughout the day!  After suffering from horribly painful feet and ankles for almost a decade, I underwent surgery on both feet in 2014 to correct collapsed arches.  Now I'm not so sure I even needed to go under the knife, because my feet and ankles still hurt just as badly 8 months after the surgery as they had before.    
After suffering for far too long, Margie convinced me she could help where no surgeon could.  Margie was able to quickly assess my current state and know what I needed to do differently to eliminate my pain and inflammation.  She knew that the pain in my feet and ankles was not caused by my feet and ankles themselves, but rather by the lack of harmonious movement in my walk and other movements.  I know she was absolutely right, because after only 1 session, my ankle swelling reduced 50% (and after a few more sessions it is nearly all gone)!  And, I no longer wince in agony when going downstairs! 
Through Margie's gentle and non-invasive recommendations (NO painful PT), I got to feel my ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, spine, shoulders, neck, and jaw all loosening and lengthening in ways I didn't think were possible.  I could not rotate my feet with my ankles fully before, and now they move so freely. I truly believe EVERYONE could benefit from working with Margie.  I now think before i turn, sit, stand, walk, lay down, and make sure I'm doing these things with the health of my entire body in mind.  Soon, I won't even have to think about these things because the mind-body reconditions itself to want the pain-free ways of doing things!  Margie has added more pain free years to my life and she can to yours too!  She is your body's biggest ally in healthy, pain-free movement. 

Rhia W.

I came to Margie on recommend of family who had experienced her work. I had had a back operation almost a year earlier (which was carried out to deal with vertebral fractures) and after all that time, sitting and walking were both still rather uncomfortable. Her work with me has helped the later stages of recovery, and some sessions have been quite remarkable in the changes in bodily ease and comfort that I felt after her bodywork. I have felt much more relaxation and a noticeable decrease in tension in my body (muscles) and in pain levels.
Mitchell G.

I had braces on my legs, orthotics in my shoes, pain on top of my left foot, bunions and hammer toe, arthritis in feet, hands, and knees, causing pain for the past 15 years.
My pain is gone/reduced, my neck moves freely, I breathe better.  I no longer need braces on my legs or orthotics in my shoes. I have much less pain. I feel hope for the first time in 15 years that my bunions and hammer toe will go away and that I will not end up in a wheelchair from the arthritis.

Harlynne Geisler

I was having sciatic pain on the right side of my back   Also, pain radiated down into my groin which hindered my ability to walk properly which led to further back problems because I was compensating for the pain.  The sciatic pinch in my right side is gone.  Total relief, after 3 visits.   I don’t even feel it anymore while in bed.  I am moving somewhat easier from the other problem after doing the exercises Margie gave me. While I still have more work ahead of me to relieve that situation, I feel that, with my continued work with Margie and my diligence at doing the exercises she teaches me,  I will hopefully get back to walking pain free.  Thank you!

Andrea Hein  

I’m a high level paraplegic, which means I’m paralyzed from the armpits down and use a wheelchair full time. I’ve been coming in to see Margie Murnan every other week for 1½ years now.  We met doing wheelchair dancing, where she was my partner!

 Initially I was seeing her for shoulder pain, which she very quickly helped reduce. But I keep going back because she has continued to show me new ways to position my body in my wheelchair to do ordinary activities, like getting in and out of the car and washing dishes, that reduce strain on my neck and shoulders.

 I’ve learned that although I can’t deliberately move my lower body, I have to treat my body as a whole, to move my arms in ways to keep them connected. One of the exercises she taught me I do every morning when I wake up, because it keeps me from having a stiff neck each day. Several other exercises help maintain my shoulder range of motion. They make my body feel good which is the ONLY way I want to exercise.

 Margie is a professional in all ways, and the method she uses is amazing. I highly recommend her.

 Laura K

My complaints were pain shooting down my leg and pain in my chest, neck and shoulders.

My pain has been reduced to where I'm not so constricted and able to walk. I feel my anxiety over my pain has lifted and I have hope to be able live without intense pain. I learned a variety of movements to help my body to remember what it was like before my accident. I am now able to spend more time with my children. I have a better understanding of how my body works. Margie has helped me a great deal! She's very knowledgeable and understanding. But most of all, her method helps and makes a difference!


I was experiencing months long extreme pain and numbness in the hip and thigh area.

The first session Margie found my problem to be a sciatic nerve issue. Her suggested movements immediately relieved the numbness and my pain diminished dramatically. The exercises she gave me continue to alleviate the pain and help me to remain mindful in my daily movements.

I'm forever grateful for being referred to her by a friend. Margie Murnan is an amazing healer!

T. Dawson

I had back and neck pain with stiffness.  I went to physical therapy for about 6 weeks and it helped some, but especially not my lower back. Since starting my sessions I feel much more relaxed and my movement is much better and not painful.  My hips feel relaxed and activated. Now I do my movements and feel more in tune with my body.